October 2023 Meeting

🧵🌟 Calling all quilting enthusiasts! Are you looking for creative ways to showcase your beautiful quilts? Join us for a presentation at our October meeting, where Sondra Davison will be sharing some ideas for unique, fun, and practical ways to display your quilts.

Sondra is the webmaster for Kansas Longarm Quilters, as well as owner of Out of the Blue Quilts.

She grew up surrounded by quilts and creativity, having a grandmother who was an avid quilter and a mother who loved sewing. Sondra share their passion but took a long break from all of it when she went to college and started her career(s) in journalism and education.

A decade passed before she returned to her Wichita-area roots, where she ventured into a quilt store one day with a friend. They were both bitten by the quilting bug! They attended every class and sale they could find time for and eventually even made a few quilts.

Over the years, Sondra developed her own quilt patterns and started blogging and working with several quilt shops, locally and online. Between her own quilt models and store models, the quilt stack started to grow and coming up with creative (and easy) ways to display became a must.

One of the signature features of Sondra’s work is her innovative approach to quilt display. “How’s It Hangin’?” is a program showcasing creative ways to display your quilts. This isn’t just about hanging a piece of work on a wall but about incorporating it into your living space, allowing it to tell its own story and reflect your personal style. Whether you’re an experienced quilter or a beginner, this program will inspire you to look at quilts in a whole new light.

Morning Presentation


The morning presentation is “How’s It Hangin’?”


This month’s business portion of the meeting includes:

• Show and Share: Bring your finished quilts and/or works in progress.

• Raffle tickets:  Tickets are $1 each or 6 tickets for only $5. Bring a visitor and you both get one free ticket!